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Goat Milk, Oats & Honey fragranced artisan soap

Goat Milk, Oats & Honey fragranced artisan soap

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Scented with a sweet, creamy fragrance with a hint of warm spices and almond, you'll enjoy an amazing break from the stresses of life when you take a second to wash up. Even washing one's hands can be a form of self-care when we choose to savor small joys like a sweet-smelling soap.

Locally-sourced goat milk makes this an incredibly luxurious soap! I find the lather to be incredibly creamy and almost lotion-like. Goat milk is bursting with vitamins A and D and essential fatty acids, and some of that gets transferred to your skin even though the soap is a wash-off product. Colloidal oats soothe and soften skin, making you feel like you spent time at a spa.

(This product does NOT contain honey, just the scent of it.)

Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide, mango seed butter, avocado oil, castor oil*, fragrance, goat milk, citric acid, colloidal oats.


Surround yourself with items that are useful AND beautiful. That's what we strive for in our own home, and in every product we offer at Presta Goods. Our cold process soap line accomplishes those goals, using premium ingredients and 100% natural oils and butters to cleanse skin without stripping it of moisture. We also offer plastic-free packaging on all of our soaps, because that's important to us.

Every bar is handmade and hand-cut, yielding a bar that is at least 4 ounces in weight after curing. Design may vary. Approximate bar size is 3" x 3" x 1".

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