Trees 'N Berries fragranced soothing bath bomb

Trees 'N Berries fragranced soothing bath bomb

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Crisp, winter snowfall. Tart, juicy berries. Warm, comforting spices. These bombs capture all the best parts of the season! As you soak, your cares will drift away on woodsy, fruity, spicy bubbles. Colloidal oats pamper the skin for a luxurious bathing experience. Mango butter is an emollient that boosts skin elasticity and suppleness, and is full of vitamins A, C, and E, and essential fatty acids that nourish the skin. Baking soda and citric acid make up the rest of these bombs for that fizzy reaction you know and love!

Our Bombs are approximately 2.5" in diameter and weigh approximately 4 oz; handmade in small batches with the utmost care, for a naturally elegant experience. Please take care as you exit your bath, as the tub may be slippery.

**Mini bath bombs available upon request!**

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